Botnek & I See MONSTAS – Deeper Love (Rootkit Remix)Botnek I See Monstas Deeper Love Rootkit

Botnek & I See MONSTAS – Deeper Love (Rootkit Remix)

When Botnek and I See MONSTAS‘ “Deeper Love” was initially aired on Snails‘ SNAILEDIT! mix series in April 2015, fans went into a frenzy to find out who produced the then-unidentified track.

Here, two years later, Norwegian producer Rootkit has given new life to the massive drum and bass track. In the release for his spin on the track, the artist notes that he’s had the remix sitting on his hard drive for a year. He recently rediscovered the file and “pimped it up a little” before releasing it for free download.

His remix is whirlwind of musical genres, beautifully blended into a perfect three minutes and 40 seconds. It isn’t full of “thrashing basslines” like the 2015 original, but Rootkit brings his own flavor and flare to the table with this versatile remix.

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