California approves bill allowing bars 4AM closing timeCalifornia

California approves bill allowing bars 4AM closing time

In a bill recently passed by the state Senate, California will now allow communities to decide whether or not they will extend their bar hours from 2 AM to 4 AM. California is looking to follow the precedent set by cities such as Chicago, Miami Beach, and New Orleans, among others, that have paved the way in the approval of the bill. Senator Scott Wiener is the man behind the movement, stating in his proposal that he wishes to have the option to extend last call to 4AM, but not require it.

“The LOCAL Act recognizes that nightlife is critical to the culture and economy of many cities throughout our large and diverse state, and that local communities can make responsible decisions to support nightlife, if that’s the choice they want to make. By taking this nuanced approach to empower – but not require — local communities to extend alcohol sales hours, we can support nightlife in California while also recognizing that there is not a one-sized fits all solution for each and every city in our great state. I look forward to working with my co-authors in the Assembly to pass the LOCAL Act.”

LOCAL stands for Let Our Communities Adjust Late Night and will be applied to bars, clubs, and restaurants with the exclusion of retail establishments. In an outline released May 31, it was said that local authorities will have the jurisdiction to decide whether or not their community will move forward with the extension, identifying which areas will be suitable for the late night hours. Once approved, businesses interested in lengthening their hours of operation will have to apply for the 4 AM license through the California ABC. All Dancing Astronaut’s can now rejoice, late nights in California are now within reach.

Via: California Senate 

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