Chance the Rapper seeks to help Chicago youth in new $2 million initiativeChance The Rapper Dancingastronaut

Chance the Rapper seeks to help Chicago youth in new $2 million initiative

Leading independent artist Chance the Rapper has initiated a new $2 million project in partnership with Chicago Beyond’s Go Innovation Challenge. The ongoing project invites applicants to submit a brief 90-second video with a pitch on how to strategically support Chicago’s youth by developing stronger communities through access to education, employment, and creative outlets.

Candidates with the best proposals will have the opportunity to implement their ideas with $2 million in funding from Chicago Beyond. Following the announcement, managing director of Chicago Beyond Liz Dozier sat down with Chance the Rapper in a live Q&A, where they asked Chicago residents and non profits from across the country to participate in a nation-wide community think tank to help improve the lives of struggling youth in the city.

Learn more about Chicago Beyond’s Go Innovation Challenge here.

Via: Mixmag

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