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Dancing Astronaut’s Soundtrack to Lightning in a Bottle 2017

Dancing Astronaut's Soundtrack to Lightning in a Bottle 2017

Once again, The Do LaB did their absolute best to create lightning and shape it within the bottle that is Lake San Antonio Recreation Area. This year, a host of brand new, beautifully-designed structures joined the ranks of breathtaking stages and art pieces for which Lightning in a Bottle is known.

Combined with a lake full of water and a particularly captivating lineup of artists and speakers, the festival grounds had an electricity in the air that was palpable and infectious. Adventures were had, minds were opened, bonds were made and strengthened, faces were melted, lessons were learned, skin was tanned – the communal intention of having the weekend of a lifetime did just that.

To capture a sliver of the magic that was created and experienced this year at LiB, we’ve chosen a handful of tracks from a small, yet quite notable portion of the momentous lineup of artists for the Soundtrack to Lightning in a Bottle 2017.

Photo by Arran Alps.

Featured image by JB Photo.

Sylvan Esso - Hey Mami (Big Wild Remix)

Back in 2014, Lightning in a Bottle was held for the very first time at Lake San Antonio. This was also right around the time when a young artist by the name of Big Wild began to gain some serious traction on SoundCloud with releases such as his remix of Sylvan Esso’s track “Hey Mami.”

In the ever-evolving music world, three years can easily be an eternity, and for Big Wild, it must seem so. His addictively carefree style of funky electronica has grabbed the attention of listeners all over the world, and for those who hadn’t seen him before, his set at LiB this year made it obvious why.

Photo by JB Photo.

StéLouse - Lovers (feat. Brave)

Hot off of the release of his debut LP, Denver-based producer, musician, and DJ StéLouse decided to step it up this year for his set at the Thunder Stage. This year was his third year in a row playing at Lightning in a Bottle, and his first set ever playing with a full live band.

Although at the beginning of the set the band struggled briefly with technical difficulties, they made up for it, and then some, with a rotating roster of singers and other musicians that all contributed to make StéLouse’s funky, futuristic vision a reality. Every track in the set was memorable in its own right, though “Lovers” did a particularly great job of showcasing the intricate mélange of styles that make up StéLouse’s sound.

Photo by Aaron Alps.

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Master Kev and Tony Loreto MKTL Remix)

As the second artist to take to the Woogie Stage on Friday, Marques Wyatt played an integral role in setting the tone for the weekend. The DJ’s party-starting set took an emotional turn when he made a dedication to the late musical genius Chris Cornell. As Wyatt played the Master Kev and Tony Loreto MKTL remix of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun,” many tears were shed as love was shared in remembrance of the late musical hero.

Photo by JB Photo.

Brasstracks - Lemme Put This Cup Down (feat. S'natra & Alexander Lewis)

As the sun began its final descent into the hills beyond Lake San Antonio, lovers of loose, fast, fun music could be found at Lightning Stage being serenaded by the live trumpet and drums of Brasstracks.

Throughout their set, Brasstracks brought onstage two special guests: the rapper S’natra, who took over the stage for quite a few tracks, and fellow producer/brass player Alexander Lewis. Near the end of the set, they all came together to lay down their funky collaboration, “Lemme Put This Cup Down.”

Photo by Sherman Wellons.

Monolink & Acid Pauli - The End

One of the many aspects of festival production that is done extraordinarily well by The Do LaB is the experience curation – scheduling the right artists at the right stage at the right time. In a weekend full of flawlessly scheduled sets, Monolink’s sunset set at the Woogie on Sunday was particularly well-done.

A fitting mixture of laid-back, cheerful, melodic, and deep vibes was exactly what the doctor ordered to set the mood for the last night at the Woogie. Every face in the crowd was simply brimming with a content happiness, yet everyone there was ready to get down and dirty in a heartbeat, and did so frequently when Monolink brought the funky live guitar and vocals.

Photo by Get Tiny Photography.

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Atlas (Adriatique Remix)

Taking the stage at Woogie immediately following Monolink, the charismatic Stephan Bodzin took the vibe and ran with it to an appropriately deeper and more melodic place. While the moon and stars took on their full brilliance, the Woogie followed suit with layer after layer of bright cloth catching the myriad brilliant pinpoints bursting from the disco ball over the center of the crowd.

The stage occasionally seemed to take on an Atlantis-like quality – the lights, stage design, and Bodzin’s sound all creating the feeling of being deep underwater. One track in particular that made this happen was near the end of Bodzin’s set when he played the Adriatique remix of his collaboration with Marc Romboy, “Atlas.”

Photo by Marco Prelic.

Chloé - The Dawn (Dixon Remix)

The eclectic lineup at LiB, throughout the weekend as well as within each individual night, meant that there was always something for everyone. For example, Sunday night saw bass music icon Bassnectar close out the Lightning Stage while techno legend Richie Hawtin did the same at the Woogie.

Those inclined to find themselves at the Woogie were graced with track after track that seemed to be built for that sound system – or vice versa. Hawtin’s utterly seamless mixing and mature song selection took the Woogie on a journey through the best techno the world has to offer, such as Dixon’s brand new remix of Chloé’s track “The Dawn.”

Photo by Arran Alps.

Bonobo - Kerala

Taking to the Lightning Stage after Big Wild and before Bassnectar was one of the most highly-anticipated artists of the weekend, Bonobo, who played his first of two sets Sunday night. Bonobo’s live set at Lightning was a testament to his versatile use of live instruments, effects, samples, and synthesizers, while his DJ set at Pagoda afterwards showed his mature selection of influences.

Tribal and rhythmic, yet simultaneously electronic and deeply melodic, Simon Green and his band held the audience entranced and dancing with a spiritual electricity. His track “Kerala” encompasses his versatility as a producer and musician, and was a force to be reckoned with when played live.

Photo by JB Photo.

TroyBoi - Do You?

For those who enjoy trap and similar bass music sub-genres, the Thunder Stage was heaven on Friday night. None other than TroyBoi capped off the night, and to say things got weird – in a good way – is a gross understatement.

Unique and aurally fascinating production underpinned TroyBoi’s set, which is not to mention anything about the obscene amounts of sub that the Thunder Stage provides. In particular, his track “Do You?” made an impression, with its varied use of instrumental and vocal samples and tasteful bass combining for a tribal-tinged party-maker.

Photo by Arran Alps.

Machinedrum - Angel Speak (Feat. MeLo-X)

Machinedrum has that name for a reason: his drum work is very impressive, especially with the power of the Thunder Stage behind it. Those who have experienced the twilight at Thunder will know how magical it is to see the lights of the stage come into full effect while the natural light is fading. Machinedrum’s set was during this magical time on Sunday, and his unique style of bass, as heard in his track “Angel Speak,” was the perfect transition from day into night.

Photo by Arran Alps.

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