DJ Khaled claims Insomniac ‘tried to sabotage’ his unfortunate EDC setDj Khaled Steve Lawton Getty

DJ Khaled claims Insomniac ‘tried to sabotage’ his unfortunate EDC set

Though DJ Khaled has made a career off his assertion that all he does is win, regardless of the circumstances he faces, its difficult to classify his set on the final day of EDC Las Vegas as a “W.”

After taking the stage some 20 minutes after his performance was scheduled to begin due to reported technical difficulties, production issues persisted, leading Insomniac to cut his already truncated set short after an extensive period of audience booing.

In a series of Instagram posts following the embattled show, the outspoken rapper claimed that Insomniac attempted to “sabotage [his] sound so many times,” following up the accusation with his classic self-coined adage, “THEY DONT WANT US TO WIN.”

Though it goes without saying that Khaled’s claims of “sabotage” on Insomniac’s part are preposterous, it’s worth noting that the issues he faced were indeed out of his control. On the third night of EDC, Khaled was not the only artist to experience difficulties at the Cosmic Meadow stage; sources onsite at the festival have noted that Chet Porter and marshmello’s set also suffered from production setbacks.

Its unclear exactly what the cause of Cosmic Meadow’s sound problems were, though Khaled’s onstage assertion that the heat played a role could have some truth to it due to the increased temperatures Sunday night.

As a silver lining to Khaled’s festival debacle, deadmau5 was able to find a new wisecrack to work into any future sets where things get complicated for him:

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