DJ Khaled speaks out about what really happened at EDCDJ Khaled

DJ Khaled speaks out about what really happened at EDC

After numerous rumors, an Instagram rant, and claims of sabotage, DJ Khaled has set the record straight about what really happened during his EDC set fail this past weekend. For those who are not caught up on the Khaled controversy, the DJ began his set about 20 minutes after it was supposed to begin and only stayed on for a short period of time due to sound and production problems. Fans took to social media after a rumor spread that Khaled did not arrive to his performance on time. Another rumor was that Khaled was booed off of stage by the crowd, which thus cut his performance short.

An angry Instagram response from DJ Khaled only fueled those talking about the incident, when he posted the below rant via his Instagram.

“They (EDC) Tried to sabotage my sound so many times THEY could not get the sound right on my set and i still stood on stage wit no sound and when they got the sound to work they want cut my set short but I still rep for my people anyone else would walk off stage .. i knew my California and Vegas fans was in the building .. THEY DONT WANT US TO WIN SO WE WIN MORE FOR THERE HEAD TOP!!! It’s all luv thoe .. love is the key.. I forgive them … love is always the answer !

Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella released a statement after the incident trying to dispel the rumors.

 “[DJ Khaled] arrived on time and ready to rock the crowd, but equipment issues delayed the performance. Even though there were technical difficulties he still got on stage and showed his fans love.”

DJ Khaled did an interview with Power 106 Los Angeles in response to the backlash he has received after the weekend’s performance, in which he was surprisingly calm and well-articulated compared to his Instagram diatribe, he had similar things to stay as Rotella.

Watch Khaled respond to his EDC debacle in the above video, starting at 23:15.

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