Don Diablo will ‘no longer perform’ at Ultra events following issues in SingaporeDon Diablo Rukes

Don Diablo will ‘no longer perform’ at Ultra events following issues in Singapore

Don Diablo has been a staple of Ultra Music Festival lineups around the world over the last several years. However, following a debacle this weekend at Ultra Singapore, the veteran Dutch DJ asserts he will not be appearing on any events put on by the global franchise – at least, not for the near future.

Earlier today, June 11, Don Diablo issued a video statement to his Facebook following after playing a largely-truncated set at the festival’s Singaporean location. Joined on camera by his production and tour managers, the artist claims that he and his team were mistreated upon their late arrival to the grounds following a series of flight complications from Beijing.

In the video, Diablo’s managers state that they received text messages from Ultra staff which communicated that they “weren’t really welcome anymore, and most of all that [they] weren’t getting paid for the show. The team also notes that Ultra cancelled their set’s designated pyrotechnical allocation.

Directly addressing his fans, Diablo notes that the disrespect he claims to have received from Ultra has been ongoing for several years, and is experienced by a number of other DJs: “I’m not alone in this…there are a lot of DJs – some of your favorite DJs – that are not performing at the festival. Everybody’s just afraid to speak out because everybody wants to perform at Ultra, because it’s a fantastic festival and we want to be there for you guys.”

Though the artist keeps much of his statement against the festival intentionally vague, he provides a very clear message regarding his future with the festival franchise:

“We’ve decided as a team that we can no longer perform at any of the Ultras in the near future. That includes the ones that have been announced because we feel there is no way back at this point.”

At press time, Ultra Music Festival has not provided an official response to Diablo’s statement.

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