EDC Warm Up: Hannah Rad dives into iconic EDM from its golden ageHannah Rad Press

EDC Warm Up: Hannah Rad dives into iconic EDM from its golden age

EDM’s second and biggest commercial boom to date began around 2010, leading to highly increased visibility for both the artists involved in bringing electronic to the mainstream and the music they created, which had been considered forward-thinking at the time. It was truly a “Golden Age” of sorts, with Swedish House Mafia, Knife Party, David Guetta, and more leading the charts with singles that are still fondly looked back upon over half a decade later.

New York-based radio personality and DJ Hannah Rad has chosen to look back at this time ahead of her hosting duties with Red Bull in streaming this year’s EDC. She created a special playlist filled with hits that dominated the main stage at EDC and festivals everywhere upon their release, taking listeners on a nostalgic ride through pieces like “Internet Friends,” “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat,” and more. The selections are, indeed, veritable party starters.

On her playlist, Rad states, “I chose these songs because they represent the biggest and brashest sounds from the past few electronic-leading years. Bigger is always better and way radder when it comes to EDC… plus a little throwback Guetta to quiet you down after a long ravey weekend never hurt anyone!”

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