Flying Lotus’ film debut ‘Kuso’ set for wide release in JulyFlying Lotus

Flying Lotus’ film debut ‘Kuso’ set for wide release in July

Flying Lotus’ polarizing feature film debut, Kuso will officially be available July 21, with the project’s wide release coming via newly established streaming service Shudder. The ultra-gory independent flick first was first revealed at the Sundance Film Festival where its graphic brutality triggered a mass walkout among the audience. Now, Kuso is ready to hit living rooms, along with theaters in Los Angeles and New York.

Despite the film’s stomach churning violence, the film has seen widespread media attention, mostly due to Flying Lotus’ ingenuity and mercurial talent. The film features performances from George Clinton and Hannibal Buress with music by fellow Brainfeeder talent Thundercat, experimental mastermind Aphex Twin, and of course FlyLo himself and his rap alter ego Captain Murphy.

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