Grabbitz unveils gripping new music video with moving social media campaign [Contest]

Fresh off the release of his debut album, Things Change, Grabbitz has unveiled the music video for the LP’s latest single: “I Think That I Might Be Going Crazy.” The abstract video shows the producer running through a forest, mixed in with a wide range of graphics and images. Its darker tone matches the unusual time signature of the song, and it perfectly emulates the artist’s complex inner struggle.

Things Change, released last month, is a diverse collection of tracks that show Grabbitz’s true versatility as a producer, singer and songwriter. He hasn’t slowed down since the album’s release, and performed at Monstercat‘s Art Car at EDC Las Vegas.

“This album is about accepting change and learning to grow with it,” Grabbitz told Dancing Astronaut in an interview last month. “[It’s about] being able to understand things aren’t always going to be the way you thought they were going to be.”

Grabbitz has also partnered with Dancing Astronaut to give his fans the chance to win a signed copy of the CD and a T-shirt. Fans can enter by posting a memory from a time in their life when they feel like ‘things changed’ for them using the #ThingsChange hashtag.

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