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Justin Jay – Can’t Hang [Original Mix]

Last year, young Dirtybird pioneer Justin Jay circulated a string of new releases that eventually accumulated into his debut LP Fantastic Voyage and defined an experimental venture in his music. A creative approach that melded together a unique brand of house music and indie-tinged instrumentation, the project developed into a full-blown sonic revolution for Justin, and gave him the opportunity to claim a sound that is entirely his own.

Fast forward a little under a year since wrapping up his album, the Los Angeles-based artist has returned to reassert his spot at the front of eclectic house music production. His newest single “Can’t Hang” is an all-encompassing, ruminative piece that glides through a range of auditory pleasantries. Leading in with light syncopation of beats, the track slowly builds with a deep chord-driven foundation with the airy conveyance of a flute. Justin includes his own vocals in a vocoder-fashion to give the song a breezy tenor, while the slapping beat of a four-on-the-floor suitability rounds out the single into a pleasant reverie.

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