Krewella explore an intense new sound on seven-track EP,  ‘New World Pt. 1’NEW WORLD ART RED.jpg

Krewella explore an intense new sound on seven-track EP, ‘New World Pt. 1’

Seven years ago Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf quit their jobs to dedicate themselves to their music. Today, as Krewella, the decorated duo are celebrating a new direction and a captivating new EP, New World Pt. 1. 

The EP, out now on Krewella’s own imprint Mixed Kids Records, is more than a fresh release; it’s an assertion of a new creative direction for the duo. While last year’s Ammunition celebrated the start of a new era (their first release as a duo), the Yousaf sisters have poured their heart and soul into experimenting and perfecting each of these seven new tracks. And, in a climate where mass production is trendy, Krewella are running full speed at creative progress.

From the sexy, trap-influenced album starter “Calm Down” through the anthemic falsetto of closer “Parachute,” the release highlights a new swagger and a nuanced sound which sees the two tapping into an eclectic pool of inspirations. From their heritage to their recent departure from a Columbia records, nothing is off limits.

“Our journey over the last few years has led us to the creation of New World and our independent label Mixed Kids Records,” said the sisters in a press release.

“This new EP embodies our evolution as musicians who have unapologetically embraced our cultural roots, sexuality, and sonic experimentation regardless expectations. New World represents all the positive progression that has happened on Earth through diversity.”

In celebration of the new EP and in advance of their performance at Spring Awakening, Krewella will be throwing a release party at Congruent Space in Chicago. Fans keen on attending need only download the WAV app which will also host a live stream of the party.

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