Man wearing white hat gets booted from Zhu’s BLACKLIZT PartyZhu Coachella

Man wearing white hat gets booted from Zhu’s BLACKLIZT Party

The highly anticipated BLACKLIZT Party hosted by Zhu last weekend generated hype that attracted dedicated fans to the heart of Brooklyn, where ominous indie sounds accompanied by mesmerizing visuals captivated every soul in the warehouse.

With virtually no limits for self expression at the show, Zhu asked only one thing from fans who partook in the madness: wear black. From head to toe, wear black. Black. Only black. Simple enough, right?

Giving the guy the benefit of the doubt, maybe the excitement of the show got the best of him, but most likely this fellow thought that house god Zhu’s special request didn’t apply to him. The man who clearly missed the memo arrived at the show wearing a white hat, disregarding the only rule set by the renown artist. However, the faux pas didn’t stand unnoticed. Following Zhu’s instrumental intro, the Chinese American producer stopped his set to address the dumbass in the crowd, and proceeded to rally the crowd to chant “kick him out” while masses began grabbing at his hat until the man was essentially forced to leave.

After the shunned rebel left the party, activities resumed with more energy than ever.

Keep it industry folks, black attire never disappoints — and when facing anxiety regarding wardrobe distress, READ THE DRESS CODE. Two minutes of research saves a four hour set of concert time.

H/T: YourEDM

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