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Marshmello – Alone (Gammer Flip)

In the ever-changing world of dance music, many mass musical tastes go in and out of style. However, a seemingly passé style of electronic music known as hardcore, is making a subtle, yet noisy, comeback. With rampant four-to-the-floor kick drums, and tempos pushing upwards of 160 to 200 beats per minute, some of the foundational hardcore electronic songs from the 1980s and 1990s pushed the boundaries of acceptability, even back then. Punk rock and metal played a role in propelling hardcore to its peak in the 20th century. Today, artists like Darren Styles, S3RL, and Gammer have pulled hardcore into the 21st century with a new twist, often referred to as happy hardcore. Style & Gammer have in the past partnered to release many a remix in this unique style. Now, Gammer has gone solo and released a flip of Marshmello‘s “Alone” continuing the evolution of the peculiar subgenre.

While the hardcore of the 20th century often drew on punk rock and metal motifs, Happy Hardcore leans into 8-bit samples and references to The Legend of Zelda or other millennial inside jokes. Gammer’s flip of “Alone” doesn’t drift too far from the original track structure, as the original has tuned vocal samples and small 8-bit sounding blips that makes it an obvious choice for a happy hardcore flip. Other than the foundational beat structure, which Gammer changes to a four-to-the-floor rather than Marshmello’s broken beat, and the track tempo, which Gammer ups slightly, there’s not a whole lot different in this flip. If the standard for quality is set at the original, Gammer’s version is fine. That bar may be a bit low in the bigger picture, but this track is free so why not download it?

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