The Martin Garrix & Linkin Park collaboration is nighMartin Garri Linkin Park

The Martin Garrix & Linkin Park collaboration is nigh


Martin Garrix normally previews a hearty batch of new IDs with each Ultra Miami performance. Perhaps one of his most notable IDs, however, was one he created with “In The End” creators Linkin Park which is currently titled “Waiting For Tomorrow.” The piece is a jubilant commercial house tune, built for large arenas and filled with anthemic vocals that are near irresistible to sing along to.

Just over a year later, Garrix has hinted in an interview that the collaboration is going to be released officially, potentially in the near future. When asked by 103.5 Kiss FM host Erik Zachary if he had any new music coming out, he in fact in fact mentioned the track first after advising, “I have so much new music coming out, it’s crazy.”

Hopefully more exact details of its release will surface soon. Garrix also recently announced a collaboration with Ryan Tedder of One Republic; it seems as though the young producer is climbing his way up the ranks to a Calvin Harris-esque level.


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