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Mija releases the 8-bit inspired soundtrack to her forthcoming film, ‘Time Stops’

Amber Giles, better known as Mija, is slated to release a short animated film this upcoming fall in collaboration with David Dutton of 8-bit cinema, who describes the creative process as “making a full on point-n-click adventure game”. The self- funded, self-written project has been titled Time Stops, and is accompanied by a soundtrack of the same name.

Yesterday, June 6, Mija released the soundtrack’s first single, “time stops when i’m with u,” through the Adult Swim singles program, with the rest of the soundtrack set to be released on her own Never B Alone imprint. “time stops when i’m with u” is a bubbly glitch hop anthem that, if fans were to guess, captures the temperament of Mija’s animated film, given her spritely demeanor.

The full EP, which is now available, continues the 8-bit atmospheric trend throughout the course of the following three songs, “that one time,” “never b alone,” and “d!e.” Stream the entirety of the Time Stops soundtrack below ahead of the film’s October release.

Featured mage via Marya Gullo/Playboy.

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