Mushrooms have been deemed the safest recreational drugMushrooms New York Post

Mushrooms have been deemed the safest recreational drug

The Global Drug Survey this year has found a low rate of 0.2% of those who’ve taken psilocybin mushrooms needing emergency services after ingesting them, making them the safest recreational drug on the market at this time. Over 12,000 participants taking part in the survey had experimented with mushrooms in the past.

Meanwhile, other substances such as LSD and MDMA clocked in with significantly higher rates of 1% and 1.2%, respectively. Cannabis was the second most frequently used substance behind alcohol, yet only experienced a 0.6% rate of users needing emergency services compared to its legal counterpart which still had a significantly lower rate than expected on 1.3%.

Findings on this year’s survey once again defy the negative reputation that psychedelics sometimes earn, especially seeing as mushrooms have now taken the place of the least dangerous drugs. The data compiled also reflects the flawed nature of global drug scheduling mechanisms and the hidden dangers of substances more easily attainable under legal circumstances.

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