MYRNE & Popeska – Get It All (feat. Emily Hendrix)Myrne Popseka

MYRNE & Popeska – Get It All (feat. Emily Hendrix)

When MYRNE and Popseka came together to work on a collaboration for Monstercat, the duo decided to place emphasis on the emotion behind the music they were creating.

They brought in vocalist Emily Hendrix to give their production even more soul, and ended up with a beautiful, mellow future bass track. A strong guitar solo and intermittent vocal chops give more depth to the already complex track. The song’s lyrics spell a sad tale, but Myrne and Popseka’s production finds a way to balance the somber lyrics with uplifting beats.

The producers have been working on this track for a while, and the final product shows the mastery they posses.

“We came up with the idea of ‘Get It All’ almost a year ago, when it was just a simple vocal hook over a guitar line. A lot of electronic music coming out at the time was very over-the-top and maximal – since we both had been producing for a really long time, we decided to strip back production and let songwriting/emotion take center stage. We’ve been listening to each other since 2013-2014, with each of us producing very dancey, instrumental tracks. Working on this together was an incredible experience and it means a lot to both of us. Ralf (Popeska) brought Emily on and she killed it!”

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