ODESZA release music video for ‘Line Of Sight’Odesza E1413839272272

ODESZA release music video for ‘Line Of Sight’

ODESZA have certainly been among indietronica’s busiest group’s in the past several months, releasing four new tracks from their upcoming album, A Moment Apart, amidst headlining multiple festivals, including their stunning Red Rocks performance. Today, June 20, the Seattle-based duo has released a new music video for “Line Of Sight,” featuring WYNNE & Mansionair.

The official visual accompaniment follows last month’s “Late Night” video release, which was composed completely of fan-made road trip footage. In the newest video, however, ODESZA envisioned a more production-driven approach that wholly encompasses a visual aesthetic to stand in for their signature sound — that is, one which blends genre-bending trap with uplifting lyrics and happy synth patterns.

The video for “Line Of Sight” represents a sci-fi driven narrative depiction of a young orphan boy living in some far away, post-war police state, in which armed robots roam the land’s lush jungle landscapes for poor exiled rebels. Our protagonist boy eventually crosses paths with one of these robotic guardians and reactivates the soldier-bot to protect and serve him on his outdoor pilgrimage which appears to have no end in sight.

While the pair develop a deep but short-lived bond, the true message of the video shines in the lyric “Help me out / Don’t let me down / I could learn from you,” as the young boy is found teaching the machine “man” how to live off the land and participate in activities of human accord, like playing chess, foraging for food, and even feeling love.

ODESZA’s new album, A Moment Apart, arrives September 8 and is available for pre-order now. ODESZA’s supporting tour is expected to begin around the time of their fall album release and will be making its way through Europe, Australia, and the US.

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