Porter Robinson – Language (Inukshuk Cover)Inukshuk Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson – Language (Inukshuk Cover)

There’s no denying that Porter Robinson‘s “Language” is one of the most iconic songs of both his catalogue and dance music’s recent years. Revered by many Porter fans as sacred, there’s always a bit of apprehension when a new cover or remix of the song comes into the fold.

Because the original track just celebrated its five-year anniversary, producer Inukshuk took a risk in releasing his cover of “Language.” However, the end result shows that the artist’s gamble was worthwhile.

Inukshuk’s cover, which injects live drums, guitar and keyboard into the track’s original melody, arguably endows the builds of “Language” even more depth than they originally possessed. The guitar adds a keenly-conceived touch to the song’s memorable theme in a larger-than-life, chill-inducing way. Watching the producer perform it all live, it’s easy to see his passion for the song and the life he brings to his interpretation.

“Porter Robinson has always been one of my biggest inspirations, from his early dance hits to the life changing experiences he brought with Worlds and, more recently, his epic collaboration with Madeon, ‘Shelter.’ Out of all the hours I’ve spent enjoying and studying his musical prowess, his track ‘Language’ continues to stand out to me & is definitely one of my favourite songs of all time. In celebration of it turning 5 years old just a few weeks back, I hope you enjoy my cover of ‘Language’!”


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