Premiere: Adana Twins astonish with their remix to Fritz Kalkbrenner’s ‘Changing Face’AdanaTwins Digital 03

Premiere: Adana Twins astonish with their remix to Fritz Kalkbrenner’s ‘Changing Face’

One would be hard-pressed to find a more exciting act in the current house and techno sphere than Adana Twins. The Hamburg-based pair of producers Friso and Take It Easy have been working together for over a decade, and are certainly no strangers to the scene. However, in the past year, Adana Twin’s have inarguably reached new heights.

The duo’s Diynamic-backed single, “Uncompromising,” has been nothing short of ubiquitous since its March release. The haunting production, which topped the Beatport charts for some time, remains a fixture of sets from the industry’s most powerful figures around the globe.

One of the facets that made “Uncompromising” so compelling was its masterful blend of stirring synth-work and continually delayed gratification. Adana Twins have a rare knack for thoroughly engaging listeners by arranging their songs in prolonged states of near-crescendo. Due to their masterful execution of this framework, the duo manages to keep listeners on the edge of their seats throughout the course of their pieces, which makes the payoff from their songs’ eventual climaxes exponentially more satisfying.

Premiere: Adana Twins astonish with their remix to Fritz Kalkbrenner’s ‘Changing Face’AdanaTwins Digital 04

In their newest output, a remix to Fritz Kalkbrenner’s “Changing Face,” Adana Twins explore this strength to great extents. Almost reaching ten minutes in length, their interpretation of the single exemplifies the notion that the techno and house experience should be, at its highest level, about songs’ journeys, not their destinations.

Should listeners conceptualize the “drops” of their remix as its “destinations,” they would find themselves waiting over four minutes for two incredibly cathartic and well-composed bass drones. However, what makes Adana Twins’ revision so enthralling is their suspension of gratification; the gnawing feeling of intrigue which pervades throughout the backdrop they provide for Kalkbrenner’s vocals. Indeed, the song’s trajectory endows it with an epochal  sensibility – one which matches the magnitude of the “changing face of the earth.”

With their newest release, Adana Twins are primed to remain ubiquitous in the techno and house realms for the foreseeable future.

Fritz Kalkbrenner’s “Changing Faces” remixes also include contributions from Maya Jane Coles and Deetron. The collection will be released Friday, June 16, via Suol and BMG. They are available for preorder here.

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