Premiere: Riva Starr – The Wickedest Sound (Original Mix)Riva Starr Photo By Shaun Bloodworth

Premiere: Riva Starr – The Wickedest Sound (Original Mix)

Riva Starr has been one of house music’s most prolific figures, both as the founder of Snatch! Recordings and as an intriguing artist in his own right. Though the Italian-born, UK-based producer is most well-regarded for his bizarre, tech-driven brand of house, there’s always been a clear passion for hip hop which pervades his work.

Thus enters “Brock Wild,” Riva Starr’s new imprint which he describes thusly:

“I’ve always been fond of left-field beats and big bass, therefore due to my eclectic taste and past background as a Hip Hop, Dub, Drum & Bass and Breakbeat DJ I’ve now decided to launch a new SNATCH! sub-label called BROCK WILD that’ll be devoted to these type of sounds.”

Though the artist doesn’t abandon abandon his recognizable house traits in the new endeavor, his first Brock Wild release  – a two track EP titled The Wickedest Sound – makes it clear that his other stylistic leanings will now have a more prominent seat at the table of his catalogue.

In the titular track of the extended player, Riva Starr maintains his house sensibilities with a driving club beat and gritty, techno-inspired synth blasts. However, elements of breakbeat and hip hop are equally evident through the song’s rhythmic structures, and the song’s most defining element is arguably its keen use of lo-fi dub reggae vocal samples.

“The Wickedest Sound” will appear on its eponymous EP alongside “Pull Up (Feat. Zanillya)” via Brock Wild. The release will be available on Beatport June 30 and globally two weeks thereafter.

Preorder the EP here.

Featured image by Shaun Bloodworth.

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