Radiohead release official music video for ‘I Promise’Radiohead

Radiohead release official music video for ‘I Promise’

Radiohead’s forthcoming album, OKNOTOK, is scheduled for its release later this month. The re-mastered album will be released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their Grammy winning album, OK Computer, and is set to feature three previously unreleased songs, including the highly-anticipated “I Promise,” which has been an integral part of the group’s live performances since 1996.

The English band has finally released the official music video of the track via their YouTube account, much to the delight of their fans. While not necessarily a “new” track, the studio re-mastered version has an uncanny crispness to it, making it more enjoyable than ever before. “I Promise” is a heartfelt tribute to Radiohead’s legendary album – a heartfelt track by the masters of alternative rock.

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