Red Bull returns to Berlin for their 2018 Music Academy workshopRed Bull

Red Bull returns to Berlin for their 2018 Music Academy workshop

The Red Bull Music Academy has announced its return for 2018. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Academy is bringing the workshop back to its homegrown roots in Berlin. For those unfamiliar with the event, RBMA serves as a platform that allows aspiring artists to create a mark in the musical landscape that has taken over the world. The workshop features studio sessions, seminars and lectures, and many more curated events throughout the month-long course.

Applications for those interested in partaking opened yesterday, June 15, and are set to close on September 4. Those intrigued by the workshop must submit an original 30 minute mix of music through the online application, or by sending in a physical CD.

The Academy provides the following statement regarding its mission:

“The Red Bull Music Academy is a global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music. We celebrate music, its culture, and the transformative minds behind it. Begun in 1998, the Academy has taken the core principles that underlie its annual workshop for selected participants and applied this curatorial approach to events, lectures, and city-wide festivals throughout the year.”

The RBMA Class of 2016 has created a compilation of tunes from those who partook in the Academy in Montréal last year.

Via: FACT, Red Bull Music Academy

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