Shimon the robot composes and plays its own beatsShimon Robot

Shimon the robot composes and plays its own beats

Georgia Institute of Technology has created something pretty incredible: a robot called Shimon that composes and plays its own beats.

Shimon uses artificial intelligence and a process called “deep neural learning” to write and perform its own music. The robot has four arms and eight sticks and has been taught by more than 5,000 artists. Shimon uses riffs and phrases of music to compose its own musical work on the marimba.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the robot’s skills is that after it receives a series of musical notes, it’s able to give the person working with it ideas that would work with what it was originally fed. This could change the way music — especially dance music — is made.

Shimon’s creators and developers have been working on the robot for more than seven years. Ph.D. student Mason Bretan and Gil Weinberg, the director of Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, have put countless hours of work into the robot, and the result is pretty fascinating.

H/T: Magnetic Mag

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