Take a trip down memory lane with Spotify’s new personalized ‘Summer Rewind’ playlistSpotify

Take a trip down memory lane with Spotify’s new personalized ‘Summer Rewind’ playlist

Based on previously collected data, Spotify has launched a new personalized playlist to help users re-live some of their favorite summer memories.  As of today, June 8, users in 20 counties who have subscribed prior to June 2016 can access their “Summer Rewind” playlist on the home screen of the Spotify app, which has been curated to reflect the music a user has streamed the most in summers past via Spotify.

Ajay Kalia, Senior Product Owner for Personalized Programming at Spotify says:

“Music plays a huge role in people’s lives, and we’re always looking for ways to help connect songs – old and new – to moments in your life. ‘Your Summer Rewind’ is designed to spark nostalgia by reminding you of the songs that mattered to you from past summers.”

Friends will also be able to listen to each other’s playlists through a shareable card available through Spotify’s e-mail newsletter, which features a unique Spotify code assigned to a users playlist. To listen to a friend’s “Summer Rewind,” users can simply open the app and click on the Camera icon next to the Search box to import a screenshot or take a photo of a friend’s Code.

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