Terrorist threat leads to entire festival evacuation in Germany [Breaking]Rock Am Ring

Terrorist threat leads to entire festival evacuation in Germany [Breaking]

Rock am Ring, one of Germany’s more populous music festivals, is in the process of evacuating its guest under threat of a potential terrorist attack. At roughly 9:30pm German time on June 2, the festival began evacuating an estimated 80k people. An advisory on its social media pages stated that due to such a threat, police felt the best action taken would be for guests to begin leaving the festival “in a calm and controlled manner towards the exits and camping grounds.”

Hopefully, the advisory continues, the festival will be able to pick up once more tomorrow. This new threat comes just weeks after the notorious events in Manchester, United Kingdom, where a suicide bomber detonated his vest inside a crowded arena as concert-goers were exiting an Ariana Grande show – tensions across Europe have been especially high ever since.

It’s important during times like these, when people are being targeted at such events in a strategy to stir up the most fear, to remember that the best antidote is strength, unity, and positivity.

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Feature Photo Credit: Rock am Ring – Facebook

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