Watch Gesaffelstein’s ‘Pursuit’ get remade by a pocket synthesizerGesaffelstein In Color

Watch Gesaffelstein’s ‘Pursuit’ get remade by a pocket synthesizer

It seems like an eternity since dance music’s darkest composer has graced the world with a new masterstroke. Though always noted for his esoteric silence, Gesaffelstein has been particularly quiet in recent years; the mysterious artist hasn’t released any music since his haunting score for the French thriller Maryland in 2015, nor has he given any indication of new music to come (though Boys Noize appeared to remark last year that he is working on an album).

As Gesaffelstein continues his hiatus from the spotlight, his most dedicated devotees are entertaining themselves through creative means in nostalgic attempts at recapturing the essence of his majesty. One of the most novel fan homages to the producer thus far has arisen the form of a unique fan-made rendition of “Pursuit.”

A YouTube user operating under the handle “tubesockor” has created a surprisingly authentic cover of the Aleph hit on a Teenage Engineering PO-32 Pocket Operator. In the video, tubesockor gives a detailed look at the mechanics of his live recreation, which exclusively uses the minuscule pocket synth and a piano for the song’s interlude.

Though the PO-32 is roughly the size of a small calculator, the result achieved is impressively large.

H/T: Synthtopia, Stoney Roads

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