Watch Pretty Lights premiere new music from his forthcoming albumPretty Lights Cait Falc Photography Summer Camp

Watch Pretty Lights premiere new music from his forthcoming album

Derek Vincent Smith has left fans with no shortage of news in 2017. Over the past several months, Pretty Lights has announced such momentous events as his Puerto Rican “Island of Light” festival, and weekend concert series at The Gorge and Red Rocks. Alongside his new live developments, Smith has also satiated fans on the musical front by releasing two large drives of unreleased live flips from his 2016 Episodic Festival tour.

However, from a studio release standpoint, Pretty Lights has remained silent for quite some time. In December, the artist broke news of a forthcoming audiovisual album, which would mark his first release since his single, “Only Yesterday,” in March of 2016. As the year meets its halfway point, the anticipated LP has yet to arrive, but that may soon change.

In the early hours of Sunday, May 28, Pretty Lights performed a three-hour set at Illinois’ Summer Camp Music Festival, Pretty Lights debuted a new single, reportedly titled “The Sun Spreads in Our Minds.” Captured on video by Press Pause Films, the unreleased track takes on the essence of the artist’s 2013 album, A Color Map of the Sun. Beginning on a sedate note before progressing into a formidable, glitch-laden crescendo, “The Sun Spreads in Our Minds” simultaneously induces nostalgia among Pretty Lights fans while instilling hope for his next album’s imminence.

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Featured Image by Cait Falc Photography.

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