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Weekend Rewind: Justice’s legendary ‘Cross’ turns 10 years old

Today, June 11, marks the 10-year anniversary of Justice’s debut album, Cross — a record that is, by all accounts, an electronic music masterpiece. Spanning 12 tracks, (13 on the Japanese bonus edition), it’s easily one of the most memorable releases of the last decade, with its influence reaching far beyond the dance music sphere.

Released on Ed Banger Records and Because Music on June 11, 2007, the album went on to top both the US and UK dance album charts, even receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Electronic/Dance Album.

Ed Banger provided the following statement on the album a year ago today:

In the past year, Justice have continued to wow the world with the release of their third album, Woman, and its fascinating accompanying live show. However, as impressive as Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé’s accomplishments in 2016-17 have been, it’s important to not forget the iconic album which started it all.

Described by the legendary French pair as a “Disco Opera,” the album melds classic disco and funk tropes with heaps of distortion and gritty French flair. Consistent in its aesthetic and unwavering in its sonic exploration, the album cemented Justice’s iconic sound and laid the foundation for their status as a global dance music phenomenon.

The album begins with the cinematic opener “Genesis” — which has been used in everything from Cadillac advertisements to Assassin’s Creed trailers — before weaving through a barrage of electro, synth pop, and tantalizing electronica. The second single from the album was “D.A.N.C.E,” a tribute to Michael Jackson, which proceeded to take on a life of its own, peaking at #1 on the UK dance chart and becoming a world-wide dance staple. Other standouts from Cross include “DVNO,” “Waters of Nazareth,” and “Phantom Pt. II,” although the entire album is worth listening to all the way through (over and over and over again…).

Featured image via Julian Bajsel/Coachella.

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