Aphex Twin reveals the creative process behind ‘Druqks’ track ‘Vordhosbn’Aphe

Aphex Twin reveals the creative process behind ‘Druqks’ track ‘Vordhosbn’

British producer Richard D. James, known by most as Aphex Twin, has revealed how he made the track “Vordhosbn” from his fifth LP Druqks in a freshly released video. The video features the track running in PlayerPro, the software that was used to write the 2001 album. The video was posted to a Vimeo account showing that the tracker software has its foundation in the Amiga computers of the ‘80s, sequencing notes with numerical values instead of the visual piano rolls seen on DAWs like Ableton Live.

The video is one of several recent reveals from James on his process, as he has spent a lot of his career keeping tight lipped on how his creations come to life. Last month on Reddit, he revealed what’s in his modular rig, and this month posted an interview with Korg engineer Tatsuya Takahashi.

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