Autograf – You Might Be (Syence Remix) [Free Download]Autograf You Might Be Syence Remi

Autograf – You Might Be (Syence Remix) [Free Download]

As one of the latest of a growing host of artists to rethink Autograf’s recent track “You Might Be,” Syence had their work cut out for them to separate themselves from the crowd. The duo from California succeed in that end, delivering the melodic and harmonic depth and immaculate production quality for they are starting to become known.

Most facets of their usual sound are back in full force, such as the pleasant piano in the breaks, the tuned vocal chops in the drop, and the general arrangement. However, the synth design in all of the drops and the funky phased guitar in the last drop, although subtle, are different enough to bring about a fresh energy to this remix.

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