Bedouin release spellbinding ‘Sight’ on All Day I Dream [EP Review]Bedouin Straight To The Heart

Bedouin release spellbinding ‘Sight’ on All Day I Dream [EP Review]

Bedouin never cease to enchant with each new piece they put out. Wielding their chemistry as a duo and ancestral influence, Brooklyn-based Ramy and Tamer have earned a reputation in the underground circles for their hypnotic productions and impeccable sets.

Months after debuting a host of brand new originals and remixes in their debut Essential Mix, releases of said pieces are finally beginning to trickle out onto digital shelves — much to fans’ delight. After a harrowing “No Trace,” released on True Colors, they’ve now packaged three more memorable cuts of theirs into a brand new EP for their regular home of All Day I Dream.

Sight opens with an almost melancholic “Straight To The Heart,” haunting to its core thanks to a recurring arpeggio that stretches throughout the track’s duration and causes goosebumps as it does so. It’s dressed in fluttering flute and guitar samples, and paired with lush layers of percussion, lending a Balearic overtone to the finished product that has naturally makes the piece ideal for their current Ibiza residency.

“The Way Home” unfolds slowly across its ten-minute duration, weaving like a river through a percussive soundscape tinged with titillating synth melodies before opening into a sea of guitars that deepen its sentimentality. Finally, “Sight” closes the EP on a psychedelic note, with Eric Volta’s ethereal vocals hold together minimal undertones adorned with string melodies and intriguing rhythms.

All three of these pieces have been rinsed heavily by Bedouin’s peers for the past year, and being able to hear them all at once is certainly a cathartic experience for anyone who’s been anxiously awaiting their release.Straight To The Heart is indeed an embodiment of the characteristics that put Bedouin in such high demand, and there are many stunning tracks by them yet to come.




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