MUST LISTEN: Eric Prydz releases NEW music from Cirez D monikerEric Prydz Create Nightclub 3

MUST LISTEN: Eric Prydz releases NEW music from Cirez D moniker

About a month ago, Eric Prydz teased new music that would be coming soon. He revealed that the track he was working on would be released on Mouseville records, which meant only one thing: new Cirez D. Now, after generating much hype and anticipation, the track has officially dropped and fans everywhere are shook.

Cirez D is the sinister, more tech oriented of the Prydz aliases, and his latest, titled “The Accuser,” is bound to entrance listeners with chilling, dissonant sounds. The ominous track features otherworldly waves of unpredictable, scattered notes in a dark, minor key. Cirez D brings forth a goose-bump inducing vibe in “The Accuser” bound to move bodies on and off the dance floor.

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