Cut Copy releases eccentric music video for ‘Airborne.’Cut Copy 51c90a26a3924

Cut Copy releases eccentric music video for ‘Airborne.’

Cut Copy just released the video to their groovy new tune “Airborne.” The track is a happy mixture of disco and alt rock, which the Australian group is well known for blending. The video opens on band member Dan Whitford playing piano and looking for food in an empty fridge. He ends up alone in a diner where a mythical rotating world (like the ones found in a Kindergarten class). Whitford wonders through streets and stores, all the while being followed by a seemingly homeless looking man, who pushes the mythical rotating world towards him wherever he goes.

The video then abruptly cuts to Whitford on the back of a truck playing piano. It then pans in on the homeless man tucking Whitford into a ramshackle bed underground as the last scene. While the video is eccentric, it certainly kept the viewer guessing.

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