Deadmau5 creates industrial new track in live stream, dubbed ‘Midas’s Heel’Deadmau5 Cube 2.1 Debut Nyc Hammerstein Ballroom AJR Photography 3.29.2017

Deadmau5 creates industrial new track in live stream, dubbed ‘Midas’s Heel’

For quite some time, Joel Zimmerman’s live streams on Twitch have been an excellent platform for fans to gain insight into the producer’s creative process. When fans are lucky, the videos provide a first listen for unreleased deadmau5 material, as would appear to be the case in one of his most recent sessions last Wednesday, June 28.

In the aforementioned live stream, Zimmerman built out a new track which impresses in both its structure and its synthesis. Built upon a broken-beat rhythmic backbone, the piece vacillates between gritty, industrial-driven segments and haunting, melodic interludes.

Though deadmau5 hasn’t titled the song or offered any details regarding when (or if) it will be released, his followers have unofficially dubbed it as “Midas’s Heel.” As epic as it is derisive, the fan-coined “working title” derives from one of Zimmerman’s recent jabs at The Chainsmokers on Twitter. After mocking the duo’s inaccurate allusion to “Achilles and his gold” from their Coldplay collaboration, “Something Just Like This,” the producer quipped that his perpetual criticism was his “Midas’s Heel.”

H/T: Reddit (r/deadmau5)

Featured image by AJR Photography.

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