WATCH: Deadmau5 teases his first-ever film scoreDeadmau5 Cube 2.1 Debut Nyc Hammerstein Ballroom AJR Photography 3.29.2017

WATCH: Deadmau5 teases his first-ever film score

Deadmau5 uploaded a short clip on June 25, with the caption, “First time mixing for film :) so much fun!” sending fans to run wild with the countless possibilities. With a creative aficionado like Joel Zimmerman, and his countless tech and gaming infatuations, the possibilities really are endless.

One particularly interesting fan theory comes from Twitter user @Zoel_jimmermannn who claims the sample at the end of deadmau5’s track is the same from his animated Meowingtons based film. Reddit users have backed up this claim where one user stated, “…you can hear the same voice that voiced Meowingtons in the other clips he has teased.”

Of course, we have no way as of yet to know if this theory holds true, the speculation is quite promising. Reddit users have also suggested the track is ‘Terrors in my head,’ which does indeed sound quite similar.

Whatever deadmau5’s working on it’s sure to be a must-see!

First time mixing for film :) so much fun!

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