WATCH: Donald Trump evidently not ‘yuge’ on Daft Punk170713131853 Donald Trump File 0706 Elarge 169

WATCH: Donald Trump evidently not ‘yuge’ on Daft Punk

Bastille Day, is one of France’s most feted holidays and, to celebrate, POTUS Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron gathered together in the city of lights to pay tribute unto its momentous achievements. The nation decidedly honored the glory and independence of the nation by giving love unto one of its grandest yields: Daft Punk.

In an absolutely beautiful unplugged medley of Daft Punk’s greatest hits, including those like “One More Time,” “Get Lucky,” “Digital Love,” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” the French army brought forth the duo’s tunes with the utmost flair. In a celebration of decades of creativity, ingenuity, and all of the goodness that electronic music brings unto the world president Macron’s energy was palpable.

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Smiling throughout the entirety of the performance, it would seem the man knows his music or at least his people.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, seemed to have been less than thrilled.

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While we can’t be entirely sure whether Trump was hoping the band would play more tracks off from Discovery and Homework, or that he just is unimpressed with the robots’ music entirely, it most definitely would seem that he was less than thrilled as he failed to crack a smile throughout the entire performance.

That in and of itself, with a group like Daft Punk is just mind boggling.

Via: The Guardian

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