Drezo releases staggering three track EP titled, ‘Jaded’Drezo

Drezo releases staggering three track EP titled, ‘Jaded’

LA-based DJ and producer Drezo has just released a game-changing EP titled, Jaded. The 25 year old artist is distinguished by his revolutionary production style — a jolting meld of sinister bass and unpredictable percussive patterns. The dynamic structure of each piece he creates, along with his intriguing layers of sound, makes Drezo’s music provocative, edgy, and mysterious. His style is something unlike anyone in dance music is producing, as Drezo brings forth both an unorthodox and unparalleled technique in every track.

Jaded is a bold embodiment of Drezo’s work, as the EP features three completely riveting yet distinct tracks. Although he changes things up in each song, Drezo stays true to his signature sound throughout the EP. The first piece, “Dead,” released about a month ago, served as a blistering preview for Jaded, featuring a glowing, teasing melody in the build, and thrilling cacophonous madness in the drop.

Aside from its goose-bump inducing climax, “Jaded,” the second track in the EP, slows things down a bit with a more downtempo beat. Creepy bridges with minimalist sound and distorted vocal samples make “Jaded” an absolute thriller, as Drezo illuminates his dark side with gritty, pulsating bass.

The EP’s closer, “Real,” is a sinister sounding masterpiece, unusual for its deep pounding, liquid bass and throbbing undertones in which layers are intricately placed together creating an unrelenting wave of overwhelming sound. “Real” isn’t for the feint of heart, as Drezo’s especially wicked sounding style will haunt listeners with every enthralling buildup and unforgettable drop.

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