EMBRZ experiments with genres in compelling new ‘Progress’ EPProgress EP

EMBRZ experiments with genres in compelling new ‘Progress’ EP

Dublin-born producer EMBRZ has released his highly anticipated Progress EP via Ultra Music. The record outlines a dreamy composition while effortlessly blending downtempo melodies with progressive dance music. The release is the perfect soundtrack for any chill setting while also exhibiting EMBRZ’s versatility as an artist.

The self-taught producer tells us the following about Progress, and what drove him to release an EP:

“This EP was in some ways an experiment. I wanted to both challenge and push myself to work with different tempos and music styles. What if EMBRZ tried to write a pop song or something a bit heavy? I still wanted each track to feel like it belonged in the world of EMBRZ, but just my own spin on a certain style.”

EMBRZ’s ability to produce multiple types of music that blend into one great soundtrack is unique, making it even more impressive that he is self taught.

Higher” is a mythical track with smooth vocals juxtaposing magnetically with the downtempo bassline that builds into a surprisingly intense drop. Prior to the EP’s release, “Higher” reached number one on Hype Machine’s most popular tracks. Indeed, the electronica-fueled single provides a strong start to the EP.

“Heartlines” has vocals by Meadowlark, and is less electronically driven than “Higher.” EMBRZ sets piano as the backbone of the track, bolstered by folk vocals and a steady build leading to the chorus. “Heartlines” more reminiscent of a song that would play on the radio, rather than one that would play at the club.

“Black Hole” opens with vocals that lead straight into an upbeat drum and piano intro. The lengthy, lyrically-focused beginning of the song leads into a progressive house drop where synths are the main attraction.

“Kido” relies more on a drumline and bass sound. The downtempo track would be perfect for a coffee shop or a spa, invoking dreamy feelings of relaxation.

The last track on Progress, “Fire,” features vocals by former Skrillex collaborator Pennybirdrabbit. Catchy vocals open up the track and draw the listener into a house track still retaining the mystical elements that are characteristic of the rest of the album.

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