Eric Prydz escorted by police at 160 MPH to Tomorrowland’s Mainstage [VIDEO]Screen Shot 2017 07 22 At 12.45.40 PM

Eric Prydz escorted by police at 160 MPH to Tomorrowland’s Mainstage [VIDEO]

Some things are worth the wait. Among them is production phenomenon, Eric Prydz.

In testament to his distaste for air travel, the Swedish DJ opted for rail transportation to Boom, Belgium yesterday where he was scheduled to perform on Tomorrowland’s Mainstage. Unfortunately, the “Generate” producer found himself delayed by a railway accident that set the train a minimum of two hours behind schedule.

Prydz took to Twitter to express his anxiety over making is set on time as Afrojack briefly stepped in for the delayed producer.

Soon, Prydz announced that he would be receiving a police escort from the train directly to the festival’s Mainstage to ensure that he would not miss his performance. Prydz’s police escort noted the necessity of transporting the DJ to the event as quickly as possible, racing him to the fest at 160 MPH.

Although Prydz’s set was cut short by about fifteen-minutes—Tomorrowland was unable to allot Prydz the lost time so as to avoid further scheduling conflicts—the EPIC 5.0 conceptualizer went on to deliver a stunning set as usual.

Eric Prydz will be appearing again at Tomorrowland this evening, performing under his techno alias, Cirez D, on the Drumcode stage. Despite his transportation dilemma yesterday, the DJ should likely arrive on time—and within Boom’s speed limit—to his set later this evening.

Via: Your EDM

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