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Eric Prydz suggests new Cirez D music is on the horizon: ‘New Mouseville coming’

As a label-head, Eric Prydz has made the most headlines recently for the recent establishment of his Pryda Presents imprint, which put forth Cristoph’s “Feel” as its inaugural release last week. Pryda Presents will continue to be a fervently discussed topic through the Swedish artist’s following in the coming months – particularly with the looming release of his Tonja Holma single, “Trippleton.”

However, today, June 6, Prydz has cued fans into news from his darker, techno-oriented side with a post that laconically states, “New Mouseville coming…”

This statement precedes what will be the first release of 2017 for Mouseville, the imprint through which Eric Prydz typically releases music under his Cirez D alias. Currently, no further information is available regarding the forthcoming material, aside from a photograph of the blue vinyl pressing, which features the iconic Mouseville logo.

However, the artist has teased a number of unreleased, unidentified Cirez D tracks in recent sets and episodes of EPIC radio. There is also the possibility that this announcement could refer to the artist’s widely-played, but currently unreleased Pryda remix of his Cirez D classic “On Off.” Only time will tell what form the coming release will take, but in the meantime, fans of Prydz’s sinister side can rejoice in its imminence.

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