Goldman Sachs executive by day, DJ by night: David Solomon is DJ D-Sol

Of all the things for one of the most powerful men, in the largest investment banking firm in America, to moonlight as, no one would have expected David M. Solomon to be moonlighting as a DJ.

Except that’s exactly what David Solomon is doing.

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Photo via Business Insider.

Going by the name of DJ D-Sol, Mr. Solomon has been playing several nightlife hubs in New York, including Beautique in East Midtown and The Whales on Clinton Street, along with a location in the Bahamas, where a video of him using a Pioneer system and wearing a baseball cap with headphones over it while spinning was captured. As President and Co-Chief Operating Officer at Goldman Sachs, Mr. Solomon is part of some of Wall Streets’ elite; in a rare showing of creativity, he has taken to working with renowned names in the electronic music industry such as DJ Liquid Todd and Paul Oakenfold.

An affinity for EDM isn’t exactly what one would expect from a 50-something Wall Street executive, but Goldman Sachs has had an obsession with millennials that is only deepening. It’s an attempt to break from the past and appeal to a new generation of Wall Street that rejects the cut-and-dry corporate culture that has been a mainstay in the industry, instead reveling in modern creativity through the outlet of electronic music.

Whatever the motivations may be for Mr. Solomon’s foray into electronic dance music, the results are clear: while unexpected, he is more than welcome.

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Featured image via Bloomberg.

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