Good Morning Mix: The Prodigy’s memorable NYE performance at The Place, Dublin in 1997

Few electronic music acts have been as influential or talented as The Prodigy. The UK trio paved the way for the music we hear today with their groundbreaking music and futuristic style. Some critics believe their contribution to dance music was almost as influential as Oasis’, back in the early 90’s. While that claim is likely to be disputed and debated by critics and fans alike, there is absolutely no denying their legendary status within the electronic music community, especially when their longevity, success, and reputation is considered.

Having started off their career in 1990, they were already creating waves all over the UK and were invited to The Place in Dublin, where they delivered a memorable New Year’s Eve live set — a seminal performance that would go down as legendary almost immediately.

The set features The Prodigy’s typical infectious energy, topped by Liam Howlett’s rasping voice and raucous, screaming crowd, while the speakers pumped out some of the most powerful electronica and techno of the era.




1. Your Love Intro
2. Voodoo People
3. Rhythm Of Life
4. Poison
5. Out Of Space
6. The ’95 Vibe
7. Their Law & Skylined
8. Rock’n’Roll ’94 & No Good (Start The Dance)
9. Now Hear This
10. One Love
11. Gabba


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