Kesha releases new single, announces album to followKesha1

Kesha releases new single, announces album to follow

Kesha drops new single,” is a headline that hasn’t been written for several years until this week.

Kesha, who once laid claim to the “best-selling digital single in history” with “Tik Tok,” witnessed immediate success in 2009 after her breakthrough feature on Flo Rida’s “Right Round.” Not long thereafter, the artist went on to release her debut album, Animal, quickly building a fan base enthralled with her avant-garde fashion style and energetic musical perspective.

However, the singer’s artistic momentum has been hindered over the years, due to circumstances surrounding her legal battle against the producer who signed her at the age of eighteen, Dr. Luke of Kemosabe Records. Kesha notably filed a lawsuit against the producer in October 2014, accusing the producer of sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse over a prolonged period, seeking to end her recording contract with the label. Dr. Luke filed a countersuit against the singer and her mother for breach of contract and defamation, which was later dismissed.

Embroiled in legal conflict, Kesha has alleged that the ongoing legal issues thwarted her ability to release new music; indeed, the “Timber” singer remained rather quiet on the musical front. Dr. Luke’s response claimed that Kesha would be able to put out an album, but only with his approval. The producer has since been removed as Kemosabe’s CEO.

Now, Kesha has broken her silence, following up nearly four years later with an emotional piano ballad entitled “Praying.” News of her latest album, Rainbow, comes on the heels of the single.

The lyrics of the single echo the depth of the singer’s emotional struggle over the years, but likewise radiate a newfound tenacity: “Well, you almost had me fooled/Told me that I was nothing without out/Oh, and after everything you’ve done/I can thank you for how strong I have become,” Kesha sings.

Rainbow is set for an August 11 release on Kemosabe/RCA Records.

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