Lqd Hrmny Ft. Zekt – Untrue (Original Mix)Lqd Hrmny

Lqd Hrmny Ft. Zekt – Untrue (Original Mix)

After staying under the radar for much of 2017, Italian producer Andrea Viscardi is back with his elusive Lqd Hrmny project. Sidestepping the boundaries of commercial music, Lqd Hrmny uses a garage framework to build a unique take on dance music. The producer’s latest single ,“Untrue,” explores love and loss through a melodic, minimalist sound fueled by somber pianos and percussion. The hypnotic, drum-driven track fits the Zekt’s haunting lyrics like a glove with the music and vocals working as a perfect compliment to each other. “Untrue” is a unique moment in dance music that is sure to help Lqd Hrmny stand out in a crowded space.

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