Noah Neiman – Hold On To Love ft. Laci Kay (Original Mix)Lacy Kay

Noah Neiman – Hold On To Love ft. Laci Kay (Original Mix)

Beginning with radiant vocals from Laci Kay singing bittersweet lyrics, “Hold On To Love” by Noah Neiman evokes sweeping nostalgic sentiments of young love and unforgettable connection. In addition to Laci Kay’s moving addition to the uplifting piece, “Hold On To Love” features energetic, oscillating synth and melodic progressions of trap infused bass.

“Bit of a departure from what ya’ll might be used to hearing from me, but I’ve been really inspired by all sorts of different genres outside of the progressive house and big room sounds.”

Released via Enhanced Music’s, Noah Neiman and Laci Kay deliver a complete and balanced production quality that sounds as if the track was effortlessly created. With a unique integration of trap elements with mellifluous riffs and calming bridges, “Hold On To Love” will captivate listeners from the start.

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