ODESZA release ‘Higher Ground’ from their forthcoming albumOdesza

ODESZA release ‘Higher Ground’ from their forthcoming album

Fan favorites ODESZA are back with another soothing release. The duo has been systematically releasing singles from their forthcoming album, A Moment Apart, over the last two months. “Higher Ground” is the latest track to see the light of day from the Seattle based group, a track which is solidified through its delicate instrumentation, pounding percussion, and Naomi Wild’s ethereal vocals.

The release encapsulates the duo’s signature sound, but not in a “cut-and-paste” type of way. ODESZA’s new music is reminiscent of their past work, but exudes a great deal of original flair. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight may make up one of the most publicized and highly anticipated groups in dance music today, creating a buzz every time they make an appearance.

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