Police find themselves unable to stop a rave hike from going down in VancouverParty4Health

Police find themselves unable to stop a rave hike from going down in Vancouver

Media coverage of the “rave” scene has unfortunately led to a negative stigma around it that causes any outsider to immediately associate anything electronic-related with drugs, debauchery, and general delinquency.

This stigma is precisely what Canadian group Party4Health was trying to combat in a recent event called “Hike Rave.” The group tried to plan an expedition in Vancouver, where their goal was to a hike to the top of Mt. Seymour with the reward being a mountain-top rave. The event was meant to show off how ravers could live healthful lives as well, enjoying the goodness of electronic music in any setting — sans drugs and alcohol. They even took as many steps as they could to banish the idea of imbibing during the event, advising potential partygoers that doing so would “ruin the night for everyone.”

Despite their efforts, however, local law enforcement was still not keen on the idea of “ravers” going on a hike and congregating in celebration at the end. Vancouver police moved to shut down the event before it even started, and even put up post at the original event entrance to ensure nothing would go on.

Technology turned out to be the last-minute save when it came to the hike, though, and a new starting point for the event was quickly created. About 60 people showed up to the newly-formed “Rave Hike” shortly thereafter, triumphantly spreading their message to the world despite present obstacles — much like the current rave scene at large is does today through seemingly relentless media onslaught.

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