Premiere: Rowland Evans – Vodka SodaIMG 3190

Premiere: Rowland Evans – Vodka Soda

Rowland Evans is burning up the night with his latest track “Vodka Soda.” This young musician is gaining traction with his pulsating style that combines elements of funk and bass. This release features a hard, thumping bass line and funky keys that together create a fun summer jam. Most impressively, Evans appears singing on the track himself.

“I just finished my first year of college and man it’s been so inspiring!” says Evans of the inspiration behind the track. “The people I’ve met and the awesome experiences I’ve already had wrapping up this semester gave me a whole new wave of energy.” All told, “Vodka Soda” is a pivoting point for the breakout producer, showing his versatility in all aspects of music creation.

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